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What do you get when you cross a retired special education teacher of over 30 years from Winston Salem with a likely never retiring salesman from Brooklyn, NY? You get a compassionate son with his mother’s empathy and his father’s quick wit. That's me, Justin Perry.

So how did I get into therapy? Well, I originally planned to do Civil Rights law—it makes sense given some of my interests—but as fate had it, I had my own dark period which led me to have to leave college during my (first) sophomore year at UNC. I had hit everything on the depression check list, including shutting out friends and family. But I had a longtime female friend who did not give up, and forced me to go eat a meal with her in public. That was the beginning of coming out of this difficult chapter of my life. She encouraged me to go see a therapist. I temporarily withdrew from school got therapy of my own, worked at a nonprofit where I learned about a program that addressed clinical and social justice work, and from there I knew my path. I excelled when I returned to school in better health and wrote my personal narrative for grad school at the UNC School of Social Work, wanting to show that I would pay back what was given to me. Oh yeah, and that girl who wouldn't give up on me is now my wife and the mother of my 2 kids. So, I guess you can say I believe in therapy because I am a certified witness! Did I mention I also am a believer of fighting stigma, hence my putting this in print for all including you to see? I choose not to live in the shadows or suffer in silence and I am here to provide you with a space to liberate yourself as well. There is no shame in where we stumble, and I know how to help you navigate through the confusion to find your way back to mental health. 

In addition to being a passionate clinician, I am also a proud social justice warrior. I have done a significant amount of advocacy, community engagement, and public speaking in Charlotte as a result. I like to fight alongside and on behalf of those whose voices are stifled. I find this to be helpful in therapy as well, as there are voices that others may expect to be powerful who are often silenced, or at a minimum muffled by mental health challenges. I’m a proud native Charlottean who benefitted from diverse educational experiences that have given me exposure to and competence working and connecting with a wide variety of people. I am deeply rooted in and connected to this Charlotte community, and I am tireless in my work to advocate for the people of Charlotte and continue to break down barriers for people to access mental health services.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, C007304, North Carolina Social Work and Licensure Board

Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, #LCAS-1859, North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board

Clinical Supervisor Intern, #CCS-20432, North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board

Master of Social Work 2009, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bachelor of Arts 2004, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill