"My family is my strength and my weakness." --Aiswarya

We (parents) can't seem to get on the same page with this kid (age 16-22) and it's driving me insane... I'm so over the constant arguing and fighting all the time...I'm tired of being treated like the black sheep of this family...I am so tired of this family pretending that everything is OK in front of everyone else while never talking about what's really going on.

We are therapists and not judges for a reason. We don't deal in fault. When we conduct family therapy, there are no plaintiffs or defendants; no one is going to be awarded a judgment and leave with the financial or emotional reward of being the winner. If you are looking for someone to say one person is "at fault," you’ve come to the wrong place. Our goal in family therapy is to identify everyone's specific role in the conflict while identifying potential solutions that you will collectively contribute to executing.