"I don't know if my problem is drugs and alcohol or depression and nobody else seems to either. I feel like I'm just getting passed around with no real answers."

Some people only have mental health challenges. Some folks only have substance use challenges. And then there are those of you who we call the chosen people who have been designated as strong enough to survive and eventually manage both. You may go to 12 step meetings and have other "stuff" you can't talk about. You may have gone to therapists being depressed, while drinking significantly everyday and never had that come up as you wondered why you never stopped being depressed even with therapy and medicine. The truth is as the chosen people, addressing mental health and substance use challenges is not an either/or proposition. It's a both/and. Luckily for you, we have trained and specialized in this type of work, and we love it!  It's challenging, but if you are willing to work towards sobriety and mental stability, you won't find many better options.