If I hear another person my age talk about participation trophies I am going to scream!

First of all, people my age got them too. It didn't make me stop wanting to go for championships or MVPs. All that said, the pressure on young people today is immense and far exceeds what many older folks say. Class rank, college admission resume, bullying, pressure to major in in something that you detest, trying to appease your parents and many more challenges break us down.  I work with 16-23 year olds, often incorporating parents in order to develop a more holistic, realistic, sustainable approach to life. Good grades and test scores don't automatically mean that a young person is in good mental health. I was your age when I first had the camels of depression and anxiety on my back and know how hard it is to surrender and seek help. I also know how much easier it is once you do. If you are anxious or depressed, self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, cutting, or other self-harm behavior while struggling to find YOUR self and figure out YOUR life, you've taken the first step coming here. Making the initial contact is the next one. I'm here.